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Client Testimonials

"Dear Cathrine/Suzie,
Gary and I would like to thank you for making our dream of coming out to Australia a reality. You explained everything in a simple way to us, that cut through all the jargon that surrounds the immigration process. Also you were both always there to answer our questions quickly no matter how big or small and when we hit what seemed like an obstacle with both mine and Gary's visas, you quickly explained how we could resolve the issues and guided us on how to go about it.
Many thanks again."
Helen and Gary

"Dear Cathrine,
Your prompt attention, wealth of experience and outstanding attention to detail has seen us secure the Visas we wanted.
Your staff here in the UK have been attentive and helpful, even when Jane and I were getting a little tense.
A superb service and an outstanding result!
Thanks again."
Jane - Tim - SJ and William

"One of the best decisions I have ever made was to engage the services of Migration Matters, without Cathrine and Suzie I would not have this enormous smile that's been on my face since our Visa was granted on the 3rd October 2008.Cathrine has been extremely patient with me when I was feeling negative about my chances during the Application process and answered every question, however trivial (and there's been a lot!) with a professional approach. Every concern I had was dealt with quickly to place my mind at ease and encouraged me on to the next step.I would like to say on behalf of Clare and myself a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!"
Julian & Clare Moseley

"We felt the need to add some comments to those already noted on the website. We do not want to repeat a lot of what has already been said by other clients, as we fully agree with all the statements. However, would like to add a few comments.
"Firstly, as potential applicants you must prepare yourself for a long and potentially arduous process; not because of Migration Matters, but the necessary red tape which is the process with the Australian Government. Also, times are changing (post "credit crunch"; 2009 onwards) so are likely to get tougher with the assessment criteria. Not everyone will succeed. As agents Migration Matters cannot influence the outcome of the application and the decision.
"The positive aspect of using Migration Matters is that they make you fully aware of this to ensure there are no nasty surprises. We are convinced that the outcome of our application was assisted by the prompt efficient and timely support and advice by the team. There maybe times when you lose patience with the process, especially when asked what appear to be irrelevant questions or unreseason time targets, as we did! But the Team provide the reasssurance and feedback which proved to be accurate and correct. Indeed our application was made under skilled migration and necessitated a submission date before Martin's 45th birthday. We made it in time and are now in the next stages of preparation to make the biggest move of our lives. We are genuinely grateful for the professional service provided and have no hesitation in recommending them."
Tracey and Martin

"When undertaking our initial research we contacted a number of Migration Agents and were immediately impressed with the professionalism of Migration Matters. It never felt like they were talking down to us or just interested in their bottom line. Added to this was the clear and concise way in which they communicated; explaining everything in terms that made it very easy to understand what would be involved in the process.
When completing paperwork and forms at various stages; both Suzie and Cathrine were on hand to answer our sometimes seemingly silly questions. Getting it right and supporting us has been paramount in their service delivery; this alone has been priceless. Correspondence is always answered promptly and clearly and they have been an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Now all that's left to do is say a massive 'Thank You' for helping our dream to come true and for us to choose which beach to live near! We would recommend Migration Matters to anyone who wants the best of help."
Ais Murray and Jim Mitchell

"Dear Cathrine and Suzie,
Both Mehdi and I commend you for your professionalism as well as your patience with regards to our very complicated case. We received advise from several other immigration agents and they were all negative right from the start with regards to our case. Cathrine's initial advise was 100% correct in every aspect. We are both so pleased with the final out come. You have both been there for us, every time we needed a question to be answered, no matter how important it was. We were both very impressed with your prompt email replies. We are now packed and ready to go next week, in order to embark in our new adventure. We would not hesitate to introduce you to friends and family which might be interested in moving to Australia. Hopefully we will not require your services again in the future :). Once again thank you both for everything you have done for us!!!"
Mehdi and Maria

"Hi Cathrine,
I thought I'd just send a quick email to say thank you for the help and support you have given my family and myself during our application for emigration to Australia. Its something that we had planned to do for some time and with my age timelimit ticking away we had be began to think we were too late. I was so relieved when you explained that there was still a route open to us and with yours and Suzie's help at every step of the application we are finally on our way. Once again thanks for helping us realise our dream."
Mike Young and family

"Dear Suzie and Cathrine,
Once again Melvin and myself wish to thank you both very much at Migration Matters for all your help and guidance throughout the whole process of our application which demonstrate your professionalism while handling our case. You have been such a lovely team to know and work with throughout resulting in great success. We wish well and continued success throughout your careers. Keep up the excellent work. As for us we are really looking forward for the challenge ahead. Many thanks again."
Jourdane and Melvin Guy

Both Tom and I would like to thank you for all of your help navigating the immigration system. You really made the process very manageable. Your ability to answer all of our questions-no matter how silly they were, made us feel so much more comfortable. We honestly don't know how we would have done this without your help-espeically with the timing of Tom's brothers wedding. Thank you for your dedication!"
Jamie and Tom

"We are both very impressed at how the case was handled, and admire the perseverance with some of the issues we faced. We have already, and will continue to recommend your services to others wanting to follow the same route. THANK YOU!!"
Julia & Andrew

"Hi Cathrine / Suzie,
We would just like to say a 'Big Thankyou' to you both in assisting us to gain our 136 Visa! It was probably the best phone call we've had in a long time to tell us our visa had been granted. You have made the 'visa experience' a far easier process than we could have imagined. Right from the initial points assessment through the ACS skills recognition to the visa application itself. Once again many thanks :o)"
Nigel & Debby Seymour

"Hi Suzie,
Oh my god what wonderful news this morning, we are both very excited, and cant wait to be reunited with my family. We would like to thank you and Cathrine for all your help and prompt replies when we had silly questions to ask. It has been a pain free experience apart from the wait for the visa grant !! which is beyond anyones control, but otherwise I will definitely recommend your services. Once again Thank you for your help to make our dream come true."
Adrian & Lesley

"Dear Suzie and Cathrine,
Alan and I would like to thank you both so so much for all your hard work, for your caring and understanding. Knowing that you were both at the other end of the phone to guide us, which you did without any hesitation and with such care, was so supportive to us. last year was a very difficult year for me when as you know i lost my Dad to cancer, however my Dad was behind us in our venture and I know that he would have been very happy for us. The news of having been accepted for a new life in Australia has made our year and we can move on to happier times. I cannot thank you both enough for all your help and your kindness throughout the last year, we couldn't have done it without you."
Sandra and Alan Logan

"Letting Migration Matters help us with our migration from the UK to Australia was the best thing we ever did. The complete process, from initial discussion through to obtaining our visa, could not have been easier thanks to Cathrine's straightforward advice. They say it's the little things that count and for us the fact that Cathrine was always available to answer any of our questions (no matter how stupid) meant the world to us. We cannot recommend the whole team at Migration Matters enough and especially Cathrine. If you are thinking of making the move then look no further."
John Flackett & Emma Berry

"After I had been told by others that I would not be able to get a visa, I found Cathrine Burnett. From the start, Cathrine was very positive and helpful. She quickly organized all the necessary paperwork, and knew all the steps to the visa process. Cathrine went beyond the norm when she quickly responded to my many questions with all the right answers. Without Cathrine's help, I would not have been able to achieve my dream."
Allison Newbauer

"Dear Suzie & Cathrine,
Thank you for making our visa application so effortless. It's been an absolute pleasure to have someone as efficient as yourselves helping us finalise our migration plans. Had we not had you on board, we would have slipped up on a number of points and been delayed in getting the final good news. With us being based in the Channel Islands, it has been a godsend to have a company on the mainland help us find our way through the added legislation. Thank you again."
Andy & Maggie Brown, Jersey, Channel Islands.

"Well, it's been 5 days since Suzie informed us that our visa application had been successful and we are still in shock. We would sincerely like to thank and show our appreciation to Migration Matters, especially to Cathrine Burnett and Suzie Warren for helping our family to fulfill our dream to migrate to Australia.
"On several occasions we felt that our dream was slipping away from us, as our application was a complicated one involving children from previous relationships, but through their guidance we managed to over come our problems.
"They were very helpful, thoughtful, considerate and most of all understood our dilemma and delicate situation that we were experiencing.
"Even at times that we thought our dream was out of reach, Suzie would say that everything would be ok, not to worry and be "patient". It's so difficult explaining our emotions when going through the process of migration, but, Cathrine and Suzie kept us sane sometimes!!
"They both kept at their task and reassured us that they would see our application through to the end, they kept their word and at NO EXTRA COST!!That, we are very grateful for as our application took longer than normal.
"We feel that we could keep in touch as their friendly approach has enabled trust between us.
"Once again our family would like to say a huge thank-you to you both for making our dream come true and we would not hesitate to recommend your excellent services to any friend or colleague in the future."
Alan & Karen Dacey and family.

"I write to vouch for my experience with Cathrine Burnett and Ross Wilde at Migration Matters. Ross helped me to successfully obtain a visa to finalise my affairs within Australia, and Cathrine assisted me when a UK institution challenged my status during my time in Australia. Both Ross and Cathrine operated with looming deadlines, the second case being nothing short of an emergency, and also operated with efficiency and technical expertise, using the internet to communicate effectively between Australia and the UK. I recommend them to anyone."
Simon Scott

"Cathrine, Sorry we have not mailed you sooner, but it still has not sunk in yet,the fact that we can, we are, migrating to Australia. Both Cindy and I wanted to say a big thank you to Suzie and yourself for all your hard work and patience in acting for us. I know it's your job and yes you get paid, but it really does take the pressure off, knowing that you have experts with you all the way, even answering the silliest of questions. The fact that you advised us to proceed when we did and not wait, was perfect, because unbeknown to us a few months after we applied the visa's changed and if we had waited, we may not have been able pursue our dream. Yes it takes a time. Yes it's stressful. Yes it costs. But without your help and guidance, none if it would have been possible. We are so looking forward to a complete change of lifestyle, something we could have not done with out you. Thanks again."
Mark & Cindy

"Cathrine Burnett has been knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. She supplied a comprehensive list of everything that we would need to produce, which she then organised and submitted on our behalf along with the applicant and sponsor forms that she had completed for us. As a result of her hard work and expert advice my visa was approved in a matter of days. I am sure that my application would not have gone so smoothly without her assistance. Quite simply, Cathrine has been indispensable in guiding us through the process. We would highly recommend Cathrine and her colleagues."
Simon Hannan & Amanda Howes

"I was impressed with Mona's professionalism and the meticulous individual attention she gave to our case. As a result, our business visa was approved smoothly. I will certainly recommend her to all my colleagues and friends."
Indu Abbi, E-2 Treaty Investor

"Cathrine Burnett made the visa application process of migrating to Australia nearly stress free! Cathrine efficiently processed our information and we were confident that we had included all the necessary documentation. Having her liaising with the High Commission ensured that we were able to provide the correct additional information immediately. Our application only took about 3 weeks to process!! Makes the whole process seem easy - and we know it's not!"
Eugenie Douglas

"After the setbacks of previous advice we had nearly given up on our dream. However, Cathrine Burnett with her positive and helpful approach reassessed our situation and assisted us to finally achieve our dream."
G Knight and Family, South Australia, formerly Hampshire UK

"Ms Mona Chawla works very efficiently with positive thinking and unfailing zeal for maximum results. As one of her clients I am very satisfied with the results."
Akira Suemori, UK HSMP

"Cathrine has been a great help, I probably would have given up without her friendly, professional advice and assistance."
John Seaman

"In the first instance I would like to make it clear that I have not been asked to write this recommendation or have been paid to do so. I have decided to write it in gratitude to Cathrine Burnett at Migration Matters, and to put your mind to rest if you had decided to begin the application process and are wondering if Migration Matters is reputable. After all it would seem that as soon as you think about moving to Australia a number of companies begin to chase you for your business claiming they are all better than each other. Well in the instance of Migration Matters they are incredible. My agent Cathrine Burnett has been through thick and thin with me. She as provided advice when I needed it as also more importantly the correct advice, often immediately or in a few hours by email. In hindsight, now my application is complete and I look back on all of the communications it is clear that a huge amount of work was required. Cathrine has been accurate and effective in all her dealings. Cathrine and Migration Matters have many contacts in Australia in addition to their office. They are effective in gaining all information you require. Overall, I would give my highest recommendation to Cathrine Burnett and Mirgation Matters. Very few organisations demonstrate the levels of professionalism, efficiency and friendliness I have seen here. I am glad I chose this company to represent me."
Nick Jarvis

"This is a testimonial to Cathrine and Suzies's good work. We have been hoping to migrate to Australia for five years, but did not know how to start. This is where Migration Matters took over, they were able to make what would have been a stressful matter as straight forward as possible. They filled all the necessary forms in on our behalf, because they are very complicated. There was nothing sweeter than receiving the phone call to say that our visa had been granted, it felt like we had won the lottery. I would recommend Migration Matters to anyone trying to move abroad, as they would guide you all the way there."
Nicolas Kesington & Family

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cathrine Burnett and Suzie Warren at Migration Matters for all their hard work in assisting me to obtain my working holiday visa to New Zealand. Cathrine was exceptionally professional and supportive at all times during the application process. After being provided with mixed information elsewhere to my eligibility for a working holiday visa I called Migration Matters and was given honest, accurate advice. Cathrine went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me and I cannot thank her and Suzie enough for all their hard work."
S. Eccles

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