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Sporting & Entertainment Visas

Migration Matters is able to assist you with a wide range of visas tailored to your individual sporting needs. Whether you are a company or an individual, a Migration Matters consultant can recommend a suitable visa for you or your staff. We can assist with temporary or permanent relocations and visa advice.


At Migration Matters we can assist you with our specialised services for the Sports and Entertainment Industry. If you are interested in travelling to Australia to enjoy a working holiday or if you have a more permanent move in mind Migration Matters can assist you or your company.

Visa options

For people wishing to come to Australia for more than three months, there are a range of temporary residence visas available. Sponsorship from an Australian organisation or prospective employer may be required.

There are temporary residence visas available to cover the following:

  • Sport: for amateur or professional sports people (players, coaches, instructors, trainees, judges and adjudicators) to compete against Australian residents and improve the quality of a sport in Australia through participation in high-level competition and training. Applicants (apart from trainees) wanting to join an Australian sporting club must have the ability to participate at the Australian national level or higher. Trainees must be currently competing at the national level or higher in their home country. Contact a Migration Matters consultant to day for further information: rechelle@migrationmatters.com

  • Media and film staff: for correspondents and other professional media staff posted to Australia by overseas news organisations, and photographers and film and television teams making documentaries or commercials exclusively for overseas markets.

  • Entertainment/cultural: for people involved in the entertainment industry and in cultural events and activities. The need to protect the employment of Australians in the industry is taken into account when such a visa grant is being considered.

  • Temporary residence visas are also available for Study, Working holiday makers (WHM) and Employment.

  • Exchange Visa: The exchange visa allows for the temporary stay of skilled people wanting to come to Australia to broaden their work experience and skills under reciprocal arrangements, which allow Australian residents similar opportunities overseas. It includes people seeking entry under certain bilateral exchange agreements.

    A letter of invitation is required from the organisation offering the position. Visa condition 8107 applies.

  • Public Lecturer Visa: The Public Lecturer visa allows a temporary stay of professional lecturers or subject experts invited to make public presentations in Australia.

    A letter of invitation is required for stays of up to 3 months or if entering under a bilateral agreement. Sponsorship is required for stays of more than 3 months. Visa condition 8107 applies.

Other Visa Options

Special Migration Program - Distinguished Talent visas

The Distinguished Talent program is designed to attract persons, who want to settle permanently in Australia and are able to demonstrate they have an internationally recognised, record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in a profession, the arts, sport or research and academia.

From 1 November 2003, all Distinguished Talent visa applications must be lodged in Australia. If you are currently in Australia, then you can only apply for a Distinguished Talent visa if you hold a qualifying visa when you apply.

Who is eligible for a Distinguished Talent visa?

To be eligible for a Distinguished Talent visa you must be able to demonstrate that you:
  • have an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in the arts, sport, or research and academia;
  • are still prominent in that profession;
  • will be an asset to the Australian community (Example: Be able to show how your settlement in Australia could contribute economically, socially or culturally to the nation as a whole - not just a local community);
  • will have no difficulty in obtaining employment or in becoming established independently in Australia in a profession, the arts, sport, or research and academia, and
be nominated by an:
  • Australian citizen; or
  • Australian permanent resident; or
  • eligible New Zealand citizen; or
  • Australian organisation.

(The person or organisation nominating you must have a national reputation in your field of expertise).
  • meet the mandatory health and character requirements.
If you are aged under 18 or over 55 years of age, then you must also:
  • provide evidence that you are financially independent; and
  • show that you are likely to be of exceptional benefit to the Australian community.


Commonwealth Games 2006

Important Information

Event participants:

Special visa requirements may apply for members of the Commonwealth Games family during the period of the Games in 2006.

Until this time, for people wishing to participate in international events, including sporting events, a Short Stay Business Visa (SSBV) is generally the appropriate visa.

This visa allows the holder to enter Australia to participate in an international event and enjoy a holiday in Australia if they wish to do so. There are two types of Short Stay Visa-the subclass 456 (label) visa and the Business Entrant ETA subclass 977.

A visa application charge of $A65 to DIMIA and is payable upon application for the visa 456. This visa is issued as a paper label placed in the visa holder. This visa cannot be granted or extended in Australia.

The Business Entrant 977 ETA is issued electronically - that is, there is no paper label placed in the holder's passport and there is no fee payable for a 977 ETA.

The holder of a 977 ETA is permitted to travel to, and enter Australia on one occasion within 12 months from the date of the grant of the ETA and to remain in Australia for a maximum period of three months from the date of entry.


For those who will engage in work relating to the entertainment industry either at this event or elsewhere while in Australia, different visa arrangements apply.

Supporters and spectators:

The most appropriate visa for supporters and spectators would be one of the two types of Visitor Visa:
  • a visa 676 which is issued as a label into a passport (fee of $A65 payable); or
  • a 976 ETA which is issued electronically - that is, there is no paper label. There is no fee payable for the 976 ETA.

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