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Migration Matters News

Date: 2006-03-28

AVAILABLE NOW - Fitter and Metal Machinists (First Class) positions available in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

We currently have a major Engineering Company client based in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia urgently requiring Fitters and Metal Machinists (First Class).

The Engineering Company is willing to sponsor successful applicants to obtain a temporary 4-year working visa to Australia, possibly leading to permanent residency after 2 years.

Please view the below position descriptions. If you believe you have the skills, work experience and qualifications to undertake this type of work please e-mail an up-to-date C.V detailing your work experience and qualifications to jobs@migrationmatters.com ASAP.

4112-11 Fitter
Fits and assembles metal parts and sub-assemblies to fabricate production machinery and other equipment.

Tasks Include:
° studies drawings or specifications to determine methods and sequences of operations
° checks prepared metal components for accuracy, using measuring
° instruments such as micrometers, callipers and rules
° lifts and hoists components on to working surface, lays out and
° marks reference points, and aligns parts using measuring instruments
° drills holes and taps threads for bolting parts together, and assembles parts and sub-assemblies
° cuts, threads, bends and installs hydraulic and pneumatic pipes and lines
° verifies alignment of, and clearances between, components using measuring instruments
° cleans and lubricates assembled articles
° may mark out stock to be shaped and formed into metal parts by other workers
° may shrink-fit parts during assembly, using oxyacetylene torches and presses
° may fit and assemble non-metallic parts
° may erect machinery and equipment on-site
° may test-assemble articles in workshops to ensure accuracy of fit

4112-13 Metal Machinist (First Class)

Sets up and operates machine tools to shape and form metal stock and castings to fine tolerances, using detailed drawings
and specifications.

Tasks Include:
° studies drawings or specifications to determine suitable materials, and methods and sequences of operations, using knowledge of metal properties, machining techniques and workshop mathematics
° lifts or hoists and secures metal stock onto machine tools, and measures and marks out reference points using measuring instruments
° selects cutting tools and speed, pressure and depth of cuts
° adjusts guides, stops and controls on machine tools to ensure that stock is machined to specifications
° operates machine tools to produce articles by turning, boring, milling, planing, shaping, slotting, grinding or drilling metal stock
° controls the flow of lubricant on to cutting tool edges or surfaces
° may clean, lubricate and maintain machine tools
° may sharpen or true-cut tools or machining surfaces
° may use tracer attachments to copy model workpieces
° may machine non-metallic materials, such as plastic
° may set up, program and operate numerically controlled machine tools

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