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Date: 2005-08-12

General Skilled Category - Changes to the 2 year study requirement

From 1 September 2005, the '2 year study requirement' will be modified to
enable students undertaking the equivalent of 2 years study in a minimum of
16 months to satisfy this requirement.

This policy change recognises that many educational institutions have
introduced new academic year arrangements whereby 3 semesters of equal
length are offered in a single calendar year, rather than the traditional 2

From 1 September 2005, students will meet the '2 year study requirement' if
they can demonstrate that they have completed the equivalent of 2 years,
that is 4 semesters/terms of full-time study in a minimum of 16 months.

Other requirements remain unchanged - that each course of study undertaken
must be:
· CRICOS Registered;
· conducted entirely in English;
· undertaken in Australia at an Australian educational institution;
· involve a full-time study load for each term/semester of study
remain unchanged.

Further information about the 2 year study rule will be available on the
Department's website from 1 September 2005, when the new policy takes

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