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Migration Matters News

Date: 2010-07-09

WA state government releases state priority occupation list.

The Western Australia Department of Training and Workforce Development has released its state priority occupation list. The State priority occupation list is an annually produced list of jobs that are in high demand or considered industry-critical in Western Australia. The list will inform Western Australian workforce development planning, the skilled migration occupation list and the development of the State Training Plan, which guides the funding of training programs.

This list is NOT the eagerly anticipated WA State Migration Plan sponsorship list, which will hopefully be released later this month. However, it gives a good snap-shot of what may appear on the soon to be released WA State Migration Plan sponsorship list. It also gives an idea of what jobs are likely to be available in the state of WA.

For information on visa related options please contact us.

Below is the list of occupations which feature on the WA state priority occupation list:

1. Managers
ANZSCO Occupation Priority

12. Farmers and farm managers
121411 Mixed crop and livestock farmer (mixed crop and livestock farm manager) Priority

13. Specialist managers
139911 Arts administrator or manager (community arts centre and cultural centre manager) Priority
135111 Chief information officer Top
134111 Child care centre manager Top
1391 Commissioned officer (management) Priority
133111 Construction project manager with experience (contracts managers for the civil sector) Top
133211 Engineering manager Top
135199 ICT managers (network manager) Top
135112 ICT project manager Top
134212 Nursing clinical director (community sector managers/nursing clinical director) Top
133513 Production manager in mining (mine manager/terminal shiploading/refinery
production managers, supervisors, superintendants, engineers) Top
131112 Sales and marketing manager (business development manager) Priority
133611 Supply and distribution manager Top

14. Hospitality, retail and service managers
141111 Café or restaurant manager (manager/catering manager in restaurant/café/caterers) High
149211 Call/contact centre manager Priority
141211 Caravan park and camping ground manager (caravan park managers) Priority
149914 Financial institution branch manager (bank/building society and credit union manager) Priority
149112 Fitness centre manager High
142114 Hair or beauty salon manager (hairdressing salon manager) High
141311 Hotel or motel manager including pub/tavern/bar High
141411 Licensed club manager High
142111 Retail manager (general) including butchers Priority
149113 Sports centre manager High
149413 Transport company manager Top

2. Professionals
ANZSCO Occupation Priority

21. Arts and media professionals
211299 Music professionals (record label operators and music publishers) Priority
212317 Technical director (technical director/producer) Priority

22. Business, human resource and marketing professionals
221111 Accountant (general) Top
221212 Corporate treasurer (financial risk manager) Priority
221213 External auditor Top
222112 Finance broker Priority
222311 Financial investment advisor (financial planning advisor) Priority
222312 Financial investment manager (superannuation manager) Priority
224212 Gallery or museum curator Priority
223111 Human resource advisor (human resource manager) Priority
221112 Management accountant (financial manager) Priority
223112 Recruitment consultant (employment consultant) Priority
224512 Valuer (real estate valuer) Priority

23. Design, engineering, science and transport professionals
231111 Aeroplane pilot (pilot) Top
232111 Architect Top
233111 Chemical engineer (chemical and materials engineer) Top
234211 Chemist Top
233211 Civil engineer Top
233311 Electrical engineer Top
233411 Electronics engineer Top
233999 Engineering professionals (risk engineer) Priority
231113 Flying instructor Top
234411 Geologist (geoscientist/geophysicists) Top
233212 Geotechnical engineer (civil engineering professionals) Top
231114 Helicopter pilot Top
232112 Landscape architect Top
231299 Marine transport professionals (marine inspector) Top
231211 Master fisher (skippers - fishing industry) Priority
233512 Mechanical engineer Top
234611 Medical scientist (medical laboratory scientist) Top
234912 Metallurgist (including other natural and physical science professionals) Top
233611 Mining engineer (experienced mining/process engineer) Top
233612 Petroleum engineer (reservoir engineer/petrophysicist) Top
233513 Production or plant engineer Top
233213 Quantity surveyor Top
231212 Ship’s engineer Top
231213 Ship’s master Top
231215 Ship’s surveyor (marine surveyor) Top
232212 Surveyor (surveying and cartographic associate for all sectors ) Top
232611 Urban and regional planner (town planner) Top
234711 Veterinarian Top

24. Education professionals
242211 Vocational education teacher (Vocational Education and Training/
Adult Community Education (ACE) trainers)Top

25. Health professionals
252711 Audiologist Top
252111 Chiropractor Top
252311 Dental specialist Top
252312 Dentist Top
251311 Environmental health officer (quality assurance/food auditor) Top
251911 Health promotion officer (community services worker) Top
251211 Medical diagnostic radiographer Top
251212 Medical radiation therapist Top
254111 Midwife Top
251213 Nuclear medicine technologist Top
254411 Nurse practitioner Top
251312 Occupational health and safety advisor (occupational, health and safety professionals) High
252411 Occupational therapist Top
251411 Optometrist Top
252511 Physiotherapist Top
252611 Podiatrist Top
254499 Registered nurse Top
254412 Registered nurse (aged care) Top
254413 Registered nurse (child and family health) Top
254414 Registered nurse (community health) Top
254415 Registered nurse (critical care and emergency) Top
254417 Registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation) Top
254421 Registered nurse (medical practice) Top
254418 Registered nurse (medical) Top
254422 Registered nurse (mental health) Top
254423 Registered nurse (perioperative) Top
254424 Registered nurse (surgical) Top
251513 Retail pharmacist (pharmacy manager) Top
251214 Sonographer Top
252712 Speech pathologist/speech language therapist Top

26. ICT professionals
263111 Computer network and systems engineer Priority
262111 Database administrator Priority
261111 ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) business analyst (software and applications programmer) Top
262112 ICT security specialist Priority
263112 Network administrator (ICT helpdesk officer) Priority
261313 Software engineer (software and applications programmer) Priority
262113 Systems administrator (information technology) Priority
263311 Telecommunications engineer Top
263312 Telecommunications network engineer (computer network professionals) Priority

27. Legal, social and welfare professionals
272311 Clinical psychologist Top
272112 Drug and alcohol counsellor Top
272511 Social worker Top

3. Technicians and trades workers
ANZSCO Occupation Priority

31. Engineering, ICT and science technicians
311111 Agricultural technician (horticulturist) High
311211 Anaesthetic technician High
312111 Architectural draftsperson (architectural associate) Top
312112 Building associate (scheduler/supervisor - construction and civil - building associate/building surveyor) Top
311411 Chemistry technician (laboratory technician) Top
312211 Civil engineering draftsperson Top
312212 Civil engineering technician (civil engineering associates) Top
312114 Construction estimator (including civil sector) Top
312311 Electrical engineering draftsperson Top
312312 Electrical engineering technician (electrical engineering associates/ electrical instrumentation and control technician) Top
312411 Electronic engineering draftsperson Top
312412 Electronic engineering technician (area process controller) Top
313111 Hardware technician (appliance service and installation personnel including data installers, computer hardware installers, and PDA repairers) High
313112 ICT customer support officer Priority
312911 Maintenance planner Top
311312 Meat inspector Priority
312511 Mechanical engineering draftsperson Top
312512 Mechanical engineering technician Top
312912 Metallurgical or materials technician Top
312913 Mine deputy (certified underground supervisors) Top
311215 Pharmacy technician (hospital/health pharmacy support work) High
312116 Surveying or spatial science technician (surveyor/cartographic assistant) Top
313213 Telecommunications network planner Top
313214 Telecommunications technical officer or technologist (broadband technician/ telecommunications technician including wireless technologies and fibre optics) Top

32. Automotive and engineering trades workers
323111 Aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics) Top
323112 Aircraft maintenance engineer (mechanical) Top
321111 Automotive electrician Top
321212 Diesel motor mechanic Top
323411 Engineering patternmaker (toolmaker) Top
322113 Farrier High
323211 Fitter (metal fitters and machinists/mobile and fixed plant maintainers eg mechanics, diesel fitters, drill fitters, tyre fitters) Top
323212 Fitter and turner Top
323213 Fitter-welder Top
323313 Locksmith Top
322114 Metal casting trades worker (metal casting, forging and finishing trade workers) Top
322311 Metal fabricator (structural steel and welding trades workers) Top
323299 Metal fitters and machinists Top
323214 Metal machinist (first class) Top
321211 Motor mechanic (regional shortages in servicing harvesters and other specialised heavy equipment) Top
321213 Motorcycle mechanic Top
324111 Panelbeater Top
323314 Precision instrument maker and repairer (precision metal trades worker) Top
322312 Pressure welder Top
323315 Saw maker and repairer (saw doctor/millwright - forestry sector) Top
322211 Sheetmetal trades worker Top
321214 Small engine mechanic Top
323412 Toolmaker Top
324211 Vehicle body builder Top
324311 Vehicle painter Top
324212 Vehicle trimmer Priority
322313 Welder (first class) Top

33. Construction trades workers
334112 Airconditioning and mechanical services plumber Top
331111 Bricklayer (tradespeople trained in heritage and restoration work) Top
331212 Carpenter (tradespeople trained in heritage and restoration work) Top
331211 Carpenter and joiner (tradespeople trained in heritage and restoration work) Top
334113 Drainer (pipe layer) Top
333211 Fibrous plasterer (wall and ceiling fixer) Top
332111 Floor finisher Top
334114 Gasfitter (supervisor) Top
333111 Glazier (flat glass tradesperson) Top
331213 Joiner Top
332211 Painting trades worker (painter and decorator) Top
334111 Plumber - general Top
334115 Roof plumber Top
333311 Roof tiler Top
333212 Solid plasterer Top
331112 Stonemason (glaziers and locksmiths including tradespeople
trained in heritage and restoration work)
333411 Wall and floor tiler (skilled tilers including tradespeople
trained in heritage and restoration work)

34. Electrotechnology and telecommunications trades workers
342111 Airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic Top
342211 Electrical linesworker (electrical powerline tradesperson/
distribution worker/transmission worker)
341111 Electrician (general) Top
341112 Electrician (protection and control technician/test and commissioning technician/
commissioning and protection technician/electrical technician)
342313 Electronic equipment trades worker (electronic equipment trades) Top
342314 Electronic instrument trades worker (instrumentation and
control technician/instrumentation technician)
341113 Lift mechanic Top
342212 Technical cable jointer (cable jointer including underground
cable jointing and specialist cable jointers)
342412 Telecommunications cable jointer Top
342413 Telecommunications linesworker Top
342414 Telecommunications technician Top

35. Food trades workers
351111 Baker (supervisor baker) Top
351211 Butcher or smallgoods maker Top
351311 Chef (Chef de Parties/executive chef) Top
351411 Cook Top
351112 Pastrycook Top

36. Skilled animal and horticultural workers
362213 Landscape gardener High
362411 Nurseryperson High
361113 Pet groomer High
361211 Shearer Top
361311 Veterinary nurse High

39. Other technicians and trades workers
399111 Boat builder and repairer Top
399511 Broadcast transmitter operator Priority
394111 Cabinetmaker Top
399512 Camera operator (film, television or video) High
393111 Canvas goods fabricator (canvas and sail maker/textile fabricator) High
393212 Clothing patternmaker High
394211 Furniture finisher (furniture polisher) Top
399212 Gas or petroleum operator (system operations personnel/leakage survey personnel) High
391111 Hairdresser High
399599 Performing arts technicians (technical workers) Priority
399916 Plastics technician (fibre reinforced plastics composites production technician) High
399213 Power generation plant operator (system operator) Priority
399112 Shipwright Top
392312 Small offset printer (digital printer specialist) High
399999 Technicians and trades workers (data communication, fire
alarm technician, scientific glassblowers)
394213 Wood machinist Top

4. Community and personal service workers
ANZSCO Occupation Priority
41. Health and welfare support workers
411511 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker (Aboriginal
primary/environmental health worker)
411111 Ambulance officer Top
411711 Community worker (employment support workers/welfare support worker) Top
411213 Dental technician Top
411712 Disabilities services officer (mental health worker) Top
411411 Enrolled nurse Top
411112 Intensive care ambulance paramedic Top
411611 Massage therapist (remedial massage therapist) High
411715 Residential care officer (protective care worker) Top

42. Carers and aides
423111 Aged or disabled carer (aged care/disability worker) High
421111 Child care worker (children’s services worker/Aboriginal and CALD childcare worker) High
423411 Child or youth residential care assistant (youth worker) High
423211 Dental assistant High
423311 Hospital orderly (health service assistant/ward orderly) High
423312 Nursing support worker (nursing assistants/health services assistants) High
423313 Personal care assistant (home and community care worker) High
422116 Teacher’s aide (teacher’s assistant) Top
423314 Therapy aide (allied health assistant) High

43. Hospitality workers
431111 Bar attendant High
431211 Café worker (supervisor) Priority
431411 Hotel service manager (service supervisor in hotel/motel/
431511 Waiter (food attendants) High

44. Protective service workers
441211 Emergency service worker (fire and rescue) Priority
441312 Police officer (uniformed police) Top
442111 Prison officer (prison officer custodial) Top
442217 Security officer (security guard) High

45. Sports and personal service workers
451211 Driving instructor Priority
452111 Fitness instructor (aqua and group fitness/personal trainers) Priority
451399 Funeral workers (embalmer) Priority
452413 Jockey (apprentice jockey) Priority
452414 Lifeguard Priority
452215 Outdoor adventure instructor (outdoor recreation instructors and leaders) Priority
452315 Swimming coach or instructor (swimming pool managers/instructors) Priority

5. Clerical and administrative workers
ANZSCO Occupation Priority
51. Office managers and program administrators
511111 Contract administrator (project and contract management) Top
512111 Office manager Priority
512299 Practice managers (accounting practice manager) High
511112 Program or project administrator (project and event manager) High

52. Personal assistants and secretaries
521211 Secretary (personal assistant and secretary/school bursar) - general Priority

53. General clerical workers
531111 General clerk (administrative assistants) Priority

54. Inquiry clerks and receptionists
541112 Call/contact centre operator Priority
541111 Call/contact centre team leader (call centre supervisor/team leader/workforce planner) Priority
542111 Receptionist (inquiry clerk) - general Priority

55. Numerical clerks
552111 Bank worker (bank clerk) Priority
551211 Bookkeeper High
552211 Credit or loans officer Priority
552312 Insurance consultant (superannuation consultant/
insurance, money market and statistical clerk)

59. Other clerical and administrative workers
599999 Clerical and administrative workers (rates officer) Priority
599311 Debt collector (credit reporting) Priority
591211 Despatching and receiving clerk Priority
599411 Human resource clerk (human resource officer) Priority
591212 Import/export clerk Priority
599611 Insurance investigator Priority
599612 Insurance loss adjuster Priority
599613 Insurance risk surveyor Priority
591112 Production clerk (logistics clerk) Priority
591113 Purchasing officer Priority
591115 Stock clerk (supply clerk) Priority
591116 Warehouse administrator Priority

6. Sales workers
ANZSCO Occupation Priority
61. Sales representatives and agents
611211 Insurance agent (life/assurance insurance agent) Priority
612112 Property manager High
612113 Real estate agency principal Priority
612114 Real estate agent Priority
612115 Real estate representative Priority

62. Sales assistants and salespersons
621411 Pharmacy sales assistant (pharmacy assistant/supervisor) Priority
621912 Rental salesperson (car rental assistant/industrial hire sales assistant/video library assistant) Priority
621511 Retail supervisor (senior retail assistant) Priority
621111 Sales assistant (retail sales personnel) - general Priority

7. Machinery operators and drivers
ANZSCO Occupation Priority
71. Machine and stationary plant operators
712211 Driller (toolpusher/shot firer) High
712311 Engineering production worker High
711113 Glass production machine operator (glass processor) Priority
711999 Machine operators (machine operators for the civil construction sector) Priority
711514 Plastics production machine operator (thermoset composite moulder) High
712917 Railway signal operator (railway signal operator/shunter) High
711515 Reinforced plastic and composite production worker (fibre reinforced plastics
composites production operator/thermoset composite moulder)
711611 Sewing machinist (industrial sewing machinist) High
712213 Shot firer (drillers, miners and shot firers) High
712999 Stationary plant operators (experienced final trim plant
operators/bitumen workers/plant operator)
711914 Sterilisation technician (sterilisation workers) High
712918 Train controller High
712921 Waste water or water plant operator (operators of water distribution and treatment plant) High

72. Mobile plant operators
721111 Agricultural and horticultural mobile plant operator (agriculture machinery operators) High
721211 Earthmoving plant operator (multi-skilled operators for civil construction equipment) High
721214 Excavator operator (trenchless technology operator) High
721311 Forklift driver (forklift operator) Priority
721112 Logging plant operator High
721915 Road roller operator Priority

73. Road and rail drivers
731211 Bus driver (coach driver) High
732111 Delivery driver Priority
733113 Furniture removalist Priority
733114 Tanker driver (dangerous goods tanker driver) Priority
731112 Taxi driver High
731311 Train driver High
733111 Truck driver (heavy vehicle and road train driver - line haul) - general High

74. Storepersons
741111 Storeperson Priority

8. Labourers
ANZSCO Occupation Priority
81. Cleaners and laundry workers
811699 Cleaners (hospital cleaner) High
811211 Commercial cleaner Priority
811512 Drycleaner (laundry worker) High
811511 Laundry worker (hospital laundry worker) High

82. Construction and mining labourers
821111 Builder’s labourer (civil construction labourers) High
821211 Concreter (skilled grano/concrete workers) High
821912 Driller’s assistant High
821712 Scaffolder - qualified High

83. Factory process workers
831113 Confectionery maker (confectionery manufacturing personnel) Priority
839999 Factory process workers (operator) Priority
831211 Meat boner and slicer Priority
839111 Metal engineering process worker (window and frame worker) High
831312 Poultry process worker (poultry processor) Priority
831313 Seafood process worker (seafood processor) Priority
831212 Slaughterer Priority

84. Farm, forestry and garden workers
841111 Aquaculture worker (aquaculture leading hands and middle managers) Priority
841511 Beef cattle farm worker Priority
841311 Forestry worker Priority
841599 Livestock farm workers (piggery worker) Priority
841611 Mixed crop and livestock farm worker Priority
841912 Pest controller (pest and weed controller) Priority
841516 Stablehand (track work riders/stablehands) Priority
841517 Wool handler (shedhand) Priority

85. Food preparation assistants
851299 Food trades assistants (hospital food service assistant/assistant cook) Priority
851311 Kitchenhand (hospital kitchenhand) Priority

89. Other labourers
899412 Autoglazier Priority
899911 Bicycle mechanic Priority
899211 Deckhand Priority
899413 Exhaust and muffler repairer (exhaust and muffler fitter) Priority
899212 Fishing hand Priority
891111 Freight handler (rail or road) Priority
899916 Mechanic’s assistant Priority
899411 Motor vehicle parts and accessories fitter (general) Priority
899414 Radiator repairer (radiator fitter) Priority
899921 Ticket collector or usher Priority
891112 Truck driver’s offsider Priority
899415 Tyre fitter Priority
891113 Waterside worker (stevedore) Priority

0. Not classified at this time
ANZSCO Occupation Priority
00. Not classified at this time
000000 Engineering and asset management Priority
000000 Operational works supervisor Priority
000000 Security installers Priority

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