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London, United KingdomSun Nov 19 07:23am
Migration Matters News

Date: 2005-10-30

Victoria keen to find Skilled Migrants to fit the bill

The Victorian Government’s Skilled Migration Program (SMP) participates in two state sponsored visa schemes – the State/Territory Nominated Independent (STNI) visa, and the Skilled Independent Regional (SIR) visa.

The SMP are currently changing the focus of the SIR visa. These changes are twofold. Firstly, to better assist SIR visa holder to comply with their visa conditions and meet the requirements for second stage permanent residency.

Secondly, to ensure the SIR migrant’s successful settlement in regional Victoria.

As an applicant your ability to settle and gain employment is the primary basis upon which the SMP will now make a decision on your application.

When assessing applications, the SMP will now place an emphasis on the demonstration of a thorough investigation applicants’ settlement and employment prospects, in their chosen Victorian regions.

It is now in all applicant's best interest to thoroughly research their chosen regions and their employment prospects within the region. Evidence of this research will be expected in their on-line application form, including the details of any connections they have made.

All interested SIR applicants should visit the www.LiveInVictoria.vic.gov.au website, where they can broadly investigate Victoria’s regions, before they begin to make professional contacts.

For further information please contact a Migration Matters consultant info@migrationmatters.com

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