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Welcome to Migration Matters Australia

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, it is also the biggest Island or the smallest continent.

Australia is roughly the same size as the United States and 50 per cent larger than Europe, however it has the lowest population density in the world - only two people per square kilometre.

Australia's biggest attraction is it's natural beauty. You cannot find much more of a varied landscape anywhere in the world, all in one country. From its sun-baked deserts in the centre, to the Tropics of the North, or the temperate rainforests in the South, it is a truly diverse landscape.

Along with its diverse landscape, it also has a diverse culture. Since the 1950's there has been a steady influx of migrants from around the world. Migrants into Australia over the past decades have truly molded and shaped Australia into a multicultural country.

Australia has many instantly recognisable icons and landmarks, from the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House, to Ularu (Ayers Rock) in its centre and the Great Barrier Reef in the North East.

Australia is also famous for its cities, from the hustle and bustle of Sydney to the more cosmopolitan and European feel of Melbourne or warm sunny Perth on the west coast. Australia has something to offer everyone, whether it's a fast paced city life, or a more relaxed laid back beach life, Australia has something for everyone.

Australian Quick Facts:-
Area:   7.68 million sq km
Population: 24.3 million
Capital City: Canberra
People: 92% Caucasian, 7% Asian, 1% Aboriginal
Language: English
Religion: 75% Christian, 1% Muslim, 1% Buddhist, 0.5% Jewish
Government: Independent member of the Commonwealth of Nations
Head of State: Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove
Head of Government: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
GDP: Over USD $1.177 trillion
GDP per capita: US$48,000
Annual Growth: 3.5%
Inflation: 1.3%
Major Industries: Minerals, oil, coal, gold, wool, cereals, meat, tourism
Major Trading Partners: Japan, ASEAN countries, South Korea, China, New Zealand, USA, EU

Migration Matters provides professional and personalised Australian Immigration advice on permanent and temporary visa classes.

If you are considering migration to Australia why not undertake a Migration Matters Pre-Mgration application assessment to determine your eligibility?

If you have a general query about our Australian services please contact a Migration Matters office.

Why use a Migration Consultant?

Australian Immigration laws are complex and change frequently, often three or four times a year. It is to your advantage to seek professional advice and assistance when lodging a visa application to ensure you are being correctly assessed for your migration application. All of our Australian Consultants are specialists in their fields and are Registered Migration Agents.

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